Champion Coin


Champion Coin, stands for Suponic Games Credit, is the game credit used in the Suponic Game Platform, backed by the blockchain. Gamers can use Champion Coin to buy items and play against others for prizes through multiplayer challenging E-Sport Mode. The E-Sport Mode system is set so that the professional or experienced gamers can earn Champion Coin.

Champion Coin is the very first game platform crypto and a successful application of blockchain solution in game industry.

Gamers can trade their Champion Coin either from previous purchase or won in the games in Exchange.

Phase 1*

GAMES----We begin with games and end with games.

We collectively operate a liquidity pool of retail gamers.

Phase 2*

Possible application of Champion Coin, once liquidity pool has been achieved.

Once a crypto is liquid and can be sold on an exchange with stability achieved organically (without tempering of system and company repurchasing the cryptos), then Champion Coin application can be broadened to encompass products and services rendered by careful selectd partners and affiliates of SNation outside games.

We chose games because it is our core product. And the market size is the biggest, which will help achieve natural liquidity pool on an exchange.

The value created by the Champion Coin is an unprecedented breakthrough in the global game and cryptocurrency industries.

*The Success of phase 1 and unlocking of phase 2 depends on acqiuisition of retail gamer, for which there is a collective intrest in achieving this together with affiliate members.