What’s Champion Coin?

Champion Coin, stands for Suponic Game Credit, is the game credit used in the Suponic Game Platform, backed by the blockchain. Gamers can use Champion Coin to buy items and play against others for prizes through multiplayer challenging E-Sport Mode.

Suponic Game Platform is the game engine to supply SNation with popular and toxic games for SNation gamers to play.

Game platform can be accessed by a web browser. One of the featured game, InkWars can be found at the Google Play, but if you want to play the E-Sports Mode, you can download the InkWars APK from the suponicgames.com and install the APK file to your smart phone.

Yes, currently we have 64 games listed, and plans to publish 300 games soon. Suponic Games Platform has been accepting and carefuly selecting offers from different game developers in various genres all over the world. Suponic Games Platform is responsible to choose those fit in our category, and share the same value. Suponic Games Platform plans to launch 3D games next year.

What is E-Sports Mode?

E-Sport Mode, is designed for players to pay Champion Coin as an entry fee for prizes through multiplayer challenging E-Sport Mode. The E-Sport Mode system is set so that the professional or experienced gamers can win Champion Coin, players with higher winner rate are based on the skills of the players developed by time and effort.

We don’t encourage any type of gambling, which is opposite to our value. We are proud to say that all games listed in Suponic Games Platform are 100% skill-based games, which allows players to perfect their skills with effort over time. Gamers can challenge each other in a trustful environment powered by blockchain, and they will have higher chance of winning by being an experience gamer. All chance-based games will have no chance to be listed.

The gamers can choose the entry fee amount starting from 0.1 Champion Coin to a higher amount according to their game level. The maximum entry amount is limited to be 100 Champion Coin, however, to prevent any social problems. The low entry fee would allow every gamer with confidence in their wisdoms and skills to challenge other gamers and win the prize.

The opponent can be selected privately or randomly matched from the public. It would be wise to choose your opponent who has the similar level, as the reward balancing system is constructed to reduce the reward for the gamer with higher level if the level gap is too big, in order to guarantee the fairness in E-Sports Mode.

No, it’s not gambling. Gambling is relying on a pure chance, betting everything on a luck. On the other hand, games in Suponic Games Platform, require skills developed by endless effort. A typical example of gambling would be to buy lottery tickets or to bet on the winning side of a football match.

Although all our games are fun and entertaining, gamers can have chance to win prize for real money, as with everything, it may not be free from the controversy, so in the case of the E-Sports Mode, you can set up a entry fee limit per game as well as adult certification and prevent it from becoming addictive.

In general, for an E-Sports Mode competition, for example, if a gamer would play with 1 Champion Coin as entry fee, to compete against other gamer for a prize of 1.7 Champion Coin, and one game is designed to finish within 2 minutes on average. The winner takes the prize of 1.7 Champion Coin, which means the winner gamer makes 0.7 Champion Coin. Players who practice a lot can earn a lot of Champion Coin because of their high winning rate. All Champion Coin will be traded in exchange.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate's own marketing efforts. Whoever can become an affiliate and work wherever. To become an affiliate, create an Champion Coin Wallet and purchase $100 Champion Coin and receive the URL with your referral code and download banners to be used in your SNS postings. When a new gamer registers through your code, both you and your referral gets rewards. This could be a simple work that you can do in your free time, but it could potentially bring you extra earnings.

Think of it as a website address with the affiliate's referral code. When a new user clicks this URL, it opens the website to create Champion Coin Wallet. When the new user creates the wallet, both the affiliate and the referral obtain awared Champion Coin each. It is a marketing program to gather gamers.

Get the URL from the Champion Coin Wallet. You can just copy the URL or download the image of QR Code, so you can send your affiliate URL through QR scanning.

You can deliver the affiliate URL by sending text messages or include the URL in your postings at your SNS Channel like blogs. Your followers will be able to have you as the affiliate when they click the link.

Download the images that suits your SNS channel and use them to create postings. As another option, you can copy the link to the ready-made advertising page, in which your affiliate URL is already embedded, and share that link, so you don't have to create postings add hyperlinks to the images.

The affiliate bonus Champion Coin is granted when a new user creates the Champion Coin Wallet by registering with an affiliate's code, and obtains KYC approval.The affiliate bonus Champion Coin is granted when a new user creates the Champion Coin Wallet by registering with an affiliate's code, and obtains KYC approval.

Of course. The purpose of viral marketing is to spread the word as far as we can, from your friends to your friends’ friends. Once your friend who registered to the Champion Coin Wallet purchases affiliate package, for example $100 worth of Champion Coin, then your friend can also become an affiliate.

B2C is an abbreviation of Business to Consumer, the type of business done by our Affiliate, who recruits gamers with their affiliate URL. B2B stands for Business to Business, the type of business done by our Partners, who not only recruits gamers themselves, but also collaborates with Celebs, Youtubers, Power Bloggers and other influencers to recruit big number of gamers. They are both investors and business partners.

How many Champion Coin are there in total?

Total volume of Champion Coin is 10 billion, and 2 billion will be set for pre-sale, and the rest will be sold at the market to the gamers, kept by SNation, used for operation, research and development.

We burn Champion Coin to decrease Champion Coin supply, according to the law of supply and demand, when supply is decreasing, demand increases, price will naturally increase, and therefore value escales. It is part of our price sustaining strategies.

Whenever a gamer plays in the E-Sports Mode, the 0.0225% of the entry fee is automatically set aside to be used for burning.

We have a program to allocate 5% of profit from E-Sports Mode to the non-profit organizations in the industry, such as WESBA and WEA.

Is Champion Coin an investment?

No, Champion Coin is not an investment, Champion Coin is an utility crypto which is the game credit on SNation games platform, where gamers can purchase from and play in all games on the games platform.

You can buy and sell Champion Coin by creating an account at Champion Coin wallet. whole sale is currently in progress, so you can select the whole sale package that suits you and purchase it there.

Making money is never guaranteed in any case, no promise of profit was ever given by SNation.
SNation provides transparent business model and pricing strategy to make its best effort to support all gamers by providing various fun games, and enhancing applications of Champion Coin. SNation strictly implements its marketing strategy and follows the basic market supply and demand law. The retail price of Champion Coin is clearly listed in our games, which is currently 1 USD per Champion Coin.

You can purchase your Champion Coin package with or without participating in marketing. But we do require a sponsor code to purchase Champion Coin packages at wholesale price. Please send us an email. A representative will contact you with further instructions.

Soft cap is the minimum quantity to be sold, and hard cap is the maximum quantity to be sold. The presale wholesale price varies by date as announced, but once the hard cap is reached, the price will change to the next month's price regardless of the date. Soft cap is 1% of total issued volume and hard cap is 20%.

Champion Coin is digital, all sales are final.

What is a protocol?

Protocol refers to the open source program provided by Suponic team. The purpose of the protocol is to deliver convenience for gamers and to reduce developing cost for game developers by offering API and providing source program necessary for implementing cryptocurrency PvP system in various games.

Through the open protocol, developers can dramatically reduce the cost for game development and focus on building the platform and the core technology. Game developers will not have to worry about publishing and marketing their games after the development but mount it on the Suponic Games platform and share the profit and gamers pool. The eventual goal is to make win-win ecosystem.

WESBA stands for World eSports & Blockchain Association, an organization established to protect the benefits of gamers and workers in game industry. WESBA acknowledged the technology of Suponic and is now supporting other game developers to make use of the Suponic Protocol.

SNation is part of a profit sharing win-win ecosystem, where the game developers can take their share of the profits while only focusing on developing their game. SNation partner also operates an ecosystem for the gamers, holding various kinds of events, festivals, tournaments, and training programs. SNation is also part of an established virtuous cycle for the gamer lovers and market talents, who can contribute in recruiting gamers.

SNation is part of the ECO system of Suponic. Suponic Group is a global group that operates various businesses such as electronics, environment, health and logistics as well as blockchain and IT. In particular, in the blockchain field, the company has its own original technology, and also provides the protocol necessary for game development, which were highly recognized through various forums and seminars. The technology that the Suponic Group is operating under the group's name have absolute trust from the users.

The roadmap and schedule are updated frequently on the website. Please stay tuned.