We provide innovative blockchain and crypto solutions to from large-scale games companies, small to medium size game studios and even to solo games.

Turn your “game points” into real money!

Global standards

Creating trust in the game community with encryption technology.
We are the very first solutions provider to set standard in crypto gaming industry.

• We are able to set standards across the gaming industry, paving the way for a new set of ideas and rules for managing the gaming community by adopting Suponic Protocol.
• Suponic Protocol aims to setup the global standards in crypto game world, providing core base for the regulations and the development procedures for the game developers, analysts, designers, artists, publishers, and other participants in the industry. The goal is to establish an environment where eSports industry can flourish and where gamers and game developers can enjoy the convenience of the platform. After the endless endeavor to establish the protocol, the World eSports and Blockchain Association (WESBA) has officially recognized Suponic Protocol, and now we are contributing to invigorate the crypto game industry by providing open source API.

Advantages for game developers.

Gamers will be immediately motivated to play the game more seriously, attracting millions of new players trying to earn their fortunes to join the game.
Extra skins, new champions and enhance the experience.
SNation is a new decentralized hub that links to all toxic games, family fun games all over the world by providing open source API, within all Suponic games, Champion Coin obtained from each game can be played in another game in SNation.