Who we are

SNationStar aims to provide profitable experience in E-sports industry by providing a decentralized and trustful environment powered by blockchain.
SNationStar is a global platform that allows game lovers, game developers, game publishers and blockchain techs, and crypto lovers to be united together with true fun, exiting, and profiting experience powered by blockchain technology.
We are an innovative tech company embracing and integrating cutting-edge technologies to provide marketing and technology solutions and standards in E-sports industry.
We are a community and hub for passionate marketing talents, tech and creative talents all over the world to provide not only fun and entertaining experience to their players but also a better way to gain real money through playing games.

What do we do

We connect 10 trillion worth market to all gamers in the world, and allow gamers to participate, play and earn.
With our solutions, it is possible for every game to have a potential market for buying and selling their "points” in the gaming market, which may leave gamers making real money by buying and trading.
SNationStar offers decentralized blockchain technology which complements with an emerging electronic sports (E-sports) industry that let’s professional and experienced gamers compete in popular video games with real money at stake by perfecting their skills in a trust environment.
The gaming industry is now worth more than $10 trillion, and it's growing year by year.

Our Vision

SNation hope to become the greatest gaming hub to connect E-sports lovers, gamers, developer and blockchain in the world.
Thank you for taking interest in SNation! Through our partners and affilites’ continues efforts and endeavors, we now have access 60 fantastic games and are growing! Our strength is in providing a competitive gaming environment where users can use their game credits and earn more credits as prize by defeating the other player! The game credits won can be used to upgrade items and play on other games with in the platform. SNation takes a certain percentage of entry credits by Players in the E-Sports Mode. The company distributes a percentage of the game credits to early starters as a way of saying thank you for your participation and early support. Gaming is always fun when played with friends and we love rewarding people who make the effort to bring their friends in. Game credits earned cannot be cashed out or sold on secondary markets.

Our Value

Sharing & Giving Back
We build our culture by giving back, we shape our culture by sharing.
By supporting each other and keeping commitments, we are fulfilling and advance our vision.
Building a sharing and giving back culture will organically create more trust, innovation, camaraderie and engagement within our community, along with many other benefits.