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Game changer in the game industry

Many games have a form of currency within
the game where players can earn, purchase,
and spend within the game. When this is
replaced by Champion Coin, new economies arise.

Blockchain Technology

The perfect mix for the tokenization of game assets. By using blockchain technology, gaming assets can be not only bought, sold, or traded outside of the game but can be actually owned by the player.

Plug in for Gaming cryptos and digital asset trading platform available to 3rd parties

We provide innovative blockchain and crypto solutions to from large-scale games companies, small to medium size game studios and even to solo games. We provide solutions to create game platforms and trading platforms for game “points” for cryptos.

We connect 10 trillion gaming market to you, the gamers

1.4 Billion+



SNation Games

10 Trillion+

Game industry Worth


SNationStar aims to provide profitable experience in E-sports industry by providing a decentralized and trustful environment powered by blockchain.

  • SNationStar is a global platform that allows game lovers, game developers, game publishers and blockchain techs, and crypto lovers to be united together with true fun, exiting, and profiting experience powered by blockchain technology.
  • We are an innovative tech company embracing and integrating cutting-edge technologies to provide solutions and standards in E-sports industry.
  • We are a community and hub for tech and creative talents all over the world to provide not only fun and entertaining experience to their players but also a better way to gain cryptos through playing games.


Champion Coin stands for Suponic Game Credit, backed by blockchain technology, which is our very first game platform crypto and a successful application of our blockchain solutions in game industry.

Among the countries that supports crypto currencies, Champion Coin can be used to participate for esports tournaments, competitions, bootcamps, and all derivatives, in-app items and skins which enhance gamers’ experience, and products associated with esports and games.
Gamers who owns Champion Coin or obtained from the games can take their Champion Coin to trade in exchange .

Professional and experienced gamers can earn Champion Coin
The value created by the Champion Coin is an unprecedented breakthrough in the global game and cryptocurrency industries.

What do we do

We connect 10 trillion-dollar gaming market to you, the gamers.

Our platform API solution provides opportunity for game developers to transform their in game point economy into an Champion Coin crypto economy, which allows gamers able to trade their Champion Coin on public exchanges.

SNationStar offers decentralized blockchain technology which complements with an amerging electronic sports (E-sports) industry that let’s professional and experienced gamers compete in popular video games with cryptos by perfecting their skills in a trustful environment.

The gaming industry is now worth more than $10 trillion USD, and it's growing year by year at approximately 200 billion USD including VR/AR.

Global standards

Creating trust in the game community with encryption technology. We are the very first provider and standard in crypto gaming industry.

We are able to set standards across the gaming industry, paving the way for a new set of ideas and rules for managing the gaming community by adopting Suponic Protocol

Suponic Protocol aims to setup the global standards in crypto game world by providing core base for the regulations and the development procedures for the game developers, analysts, designers, artists and publishers to establish a standard protocol in the competitive gaming industry. The goal is to establish an environment where eSports industry can flourish where gamers and game developers can enjoy the convenience of the platform. After endless endeavors to establish the protocol, the World eSports and Blockchain Association (WESBA) has officially recognized Suponic Protocol and invigorate the crypto game industry by providing open API.

Advantages for game developers

Gamers will be immediately motivated to play the game more seriously, attracting millions of new players trying to earn their cryptos to join the game.

Champion Coin can be used to purchase extra skins, in game items and prized Esport tournaments which allows players to attain challange in Champion Coin by playing against others and win.

SNation is a new decentralized hub that links family fun games all over the world by which is connected through Champion Coin platform via open API.